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Depression Counseling

You will be shocked to know that more than 300 million people are suffering from depression globally and India ranks top in depressed countries. In fact, India is home to 57 million depressed people (nearly 18% of the global depressed population) as per WHO.


Depression is a widely used term in the society but there are a few who understood it properly. It is often misunderstood as sadness, anxiety, tension, frustration, and anger. But depression is much more than a common sadness episode.

Depression is not just a mood fluctuation or short episodes of sadness due to everyday problems, but it is long last and severe health condition. It affects the overall well being of a person, leads to function poorly at work, and also affect social life. In the worst scenario, it can also lead to suicide. In fact, depression is the second most common cause of suicides every year in India.

How depression affects you…

1. Personally

In medical terms, depression is actually a mental disorder, but it also affects your physical health and overall well being. There are several symptoms of it both physically and mentally.


  • Sadness and Emptiness: Continuous long-lasting sadness, hopelessness, emptiness and guilt which affects your day to day life.
  • Insomnia: Not able to sleep at night, difficulty in quieting the mind, and getting comfortable
  • Memory issues: Trouble in remembering things, making decisions, and difficulty in concentrating on a task.
  • Self-harm thoughts: The person may get thoughts of hurting himself, and also increase the risk of suicide.
  • Heart problems: People with depression get their blood vessels constricted which can lead to heart problems.
  • Fatigue: Lower energy levels, a person get easily exhausted even after a very tiny physical task

2. Professionally

Depression is not limited to affect only your health but it will also affect your studies, career growth, business, and professional growth. It can affect your studies, performance in office, business decision ability, and much more. The common effects are:

  • Low Enthusiasm: Unlike earlier, the person will have a very low willingness to do tasks.
  • Lack of responsibility: Due to the low confidence, you will not have any desire to take the responsibility of any task.
  • Unable to Concentrate: Whether you are studying, or focusing on a job-related task, due to constant worry about the results or something else you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the work.
  • Low productivity: The person will not have any keen interest in doing the work which will result in low productivity.

3. Socially

Depression will also have a significant impact on your social life and this is not a minor thing. According to Harvard University research, people who are more socially connected with friends and family tend to live more in comparison to them who don’t. The most common ways depression can alter social life are:

  • Losing Self-confidence: No self-confidence or self-esteem is the most common symptom of depression.
  • Constant Self-doubt feeling: The person will continuously have a feeling of doubting himself, have a feel of getting judge and worry.
  • Less socialization: The person will involve in less or no socialization.
  • Stop sharing things with your friends: Due to the fear of getting judge you will stop sharing things with your friends

How Online Depression Counseling is beneficial?


As per the professional counsellors, therapies are the best possible way of dealing with depression and other mental disorders. In therapies session, the counsellor will identify the underlying problems which cause you to feel low. The counsellor will focus on your negative thoughts, emotions, along with your physical problems and behavioural issues.

You wouldn’t be judged for any of your answers and you would able to speak out everything causing you trouble.

The different types of therapies involved are:

1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This therapy is the major treatment for depression. It focuses on both the main causes of depression: the negative thoughts and the behavioural pattern contributing to depression symptoms.

In this therapy, the counsellor will ask you to keep track of the activities that happen in the week and any incidents make you feel self-defeating and negatively reacting. As you will identify the responses and situations, the therapist will help you learn new thinking patterns and ways of responding.

CBT therapies sessions often include a “homework” which involves keeping a journal, practising relaxation activities, reading, and others.

2. Interpersonal Therapy

As social relationships can also be the cause of depression, this therapy focuses on social conflicts. In this therapy, the counsellor will examine your social relationships with the important people of your life such as a spouse, family, friends, and also co-workers. The goal is to identify the role of these relationships in your life and find ways of resolving the conflicts you are facing.

The counsellor may advise you to improve your communication and implement new ways of building relationships. The counsellor will also suggest you

- Lifestyle Changes

The counsellor will also talk about your involvement in physical activities along with your current dietary schedule. He will introduce yoga, meditation, healthy diet plans and also sleeping patterns in your life.

- Creative Activities

The counselling is not limited to talking about the underlying issues of your problems but the counsellor will also help you to know your true interest such as in art, music, sports, and others.

If counselling is just about talking, then why shouldn’t I talk to my friend?

Talking to your friend is absolutely free, however, the desired cognitive and emotional skills require for happier life can be given by only working with a professional counsellor.

Working with a therapist and talking to a friend is a lot different. While conversing with your friend, you would be able to share your problems but you would have fear of getting judge. Probably your friend gives you even advice, but this is just a fraction of the actual counselling session.

Unfortunately, in films and serials like Dear Zindagi, we see counselling sessions about just talking, but that is just a surface layer of therapy. A professional counsellor counts each and every detail causing you depressed and will give you the right advice and suggestions for making you happy.

What you can expect from an online counselling?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say, one can found his/her life-changing after the counselling. The results are really great if one applies the suggestions/advice of the counsellor in daily life. You can expect a number of great outcomes:

  • A positive outlook towards life
  • Changes in the thought process, and behavioural patterns
  • Positive, healthy thoughts, eliminating negative ones
  • Managing Emotions, Increase in social activities, building relationships.
  • Maintaining healthy surroundings

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