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Breakup Counseling

Breaking relationships really cause great pain or anguish. What makes a heartbreak even worse is the pain associated with it for more longer duration than the pain associated with physical injuries. When you get a broken leg, it hurts for hours or a few days, but the emotional pain caused by heartache lasts for weeks, months, and in the rare case, even years.

A breakup of your beautiful relationship can be painful, and the emotional burden of it depends on various factors, such as:

  • Relationship length
  • Plans you had for the future
  • Degree of your commitment to the relationship
  • The happiness of relationship prior to the breakup
  • Whether the relationship ended with infidelity, abuse, or other painful issues.

In India mostly, people regard themselves as broken-hearted after undergoing a breakup. In fact, the process of grieving a relationship is almost similar to grieving other losses. The time of recovery varies as per the length of the relationship. When a short-term relationship ends, it can take some days up to a few weeks, however, in a long-term relationship, it can take even years to heal.

Breakups are a common cause of depression and can also lead to many different abusive habits such as gambling, excessive alcohol consumption, illicit drug usage. It also causes anger and frustration and can lead to even suicidal thoughts.

The other common problem that arises in a broken-hearted person are:

1. Negative Self-talk:

Getting hard on yourself, castigating yourself in different ways, and recalling other rejections or failures.

2. Idealizing the person who dumped you:

After getting dumped, you can either idealize the person and make yourself pity or vice versa. However, both things are wrong. The best way is to change your perceptions of who the person was to realistically include the various flaws and character defects they displayed during the breakup process.

3. Avoiding new romantic opportunities:

You can’t start dating when your heart is freshly broken, but you should be proportionate about how long you should grieve over someone. Don’t let any opportunity of a new beginning.

4. Taking a break from your hobbies:

Naturally, a person doesn’t like to do things after a breakup which he/she enjoys the most. But instead of avoiding them, you start doing them to get over your mourning in minimum time.

5. Withdrawing from your loved ones:

Living alone after a breakup is everyone’s choice but it should be limited. Avoiding your loved ones make you deprive of caring, love, and concern which are important for recovery.

How break up counselling helps?

In break-up counselling, you will be able to fully express yourself to the counsellor. The counsellor will identify all the underlying cause of your grief. He will determine the symptoms and problems you are facing and make a treatment to overcome them. During the counselling, you would be able to get back to your loved ones and start living your life fully.

The counsellor will focus on the development of your emotional well being. He will also guide you in how to stop unhealthy habits such as alcohol, drugs, anger management, and others. The counselling will help you in building up your self-esteem. The counsellor will make you that your partner wasn’t the last one and will make you up for a new beginning.

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