When to see a psychologist.

When to see a psychologist.

Self-care is an important tool in our life for a positive lifestyle. In our daily life, we are falling so many problems in which some are big and some are small but every single person face. In today’s world every single person having a psychology problem. There isn’t anybody out there who doesn’t have a mental issue whether it a stress, anxiety, mood swings, emotional trauma, etc. every single person who lives with this. And there can be any reason like:

  • Job pressure
  • Relationship problem
  • Breakup
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of your loved ones
  • Financial issue
  • Families issue
  • Failure
  • Rejection etc.

There are many problems people face. Most of the time we solved these issues but sometimes we need extra help.

Psychologist Daniel J. Reidenberg says “The earlier someone gets help, the easier it is to get through the problem”.

Perhaps you are feeling low or sad or useless and you are unable to find out or snap out. Possibly you are seeing a negative pattern in your way of life that you can’t break. Sometimes the mental illness is obvious but other times they are hard to pinpoint. And because of this, it is very important to pay attention to your health and ask for help if things are getting out of your hand.

But first, you should know…

What is Psychotherapy?

It is the general treating of mental illness by talking with other persons and these persons are called psychiatrists, psychologists, or another mental health provider.

During your treatment, you can learn about your mental health condition i.e., emotions, thoughts, mood swings, feelings, behavior, etc.

And moreover, there are many types of therapies available to you. And it depends on your situation. Psychotherapy is also known as talk, counseling, etc.

These therapies provide you that place in which you feel safe, develop your skills, learn about your challenges, and no one going to judge you.

Experienced trauma:-

For those who have a history or faced sexual or physical abuse or any other trauma and you haven’t recovered yet moreover, you are not comfortable sharing anything with anyone then you can go for a psychologist that means for the therapy. It allows you to express yourself those painful experiences which you cannot comfortable sharing with anyone, and where you cannot be judged and feel free to speak.

Also helps you to develop new ways of thinking about that event and as well as you going to learn different techniques for overcoming.


Being afraid of insects, heights, or that thing which cannot be causing serious problem are common phobias. But there are some serious phobias from which a person cannot over and when he sees that thing, act like mentally.

For example- sitophobia- fear of eating in which people think if they eat a particular thing, they will get serious health problems. Some persons face water phobia etc. so an experienced psychologist can help to overcome these types of problems.

Unhealthy habits and addictions:-

Some people have habits that they are addict to drugs, smoking, alcohol, and they are trying hard to escape from these addictions. So, if you go to a psychologist, they can help you in. they can help you tackle the situations.

Mental disorder:-

There are many types of mental disorders and some of them are: – bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, etc. in which schizophrenia is in which the person facing hallucination or delusions, and extremely disordered thinking, it’s a very serious mental disorder.

If people having these problems, they should go to a psychologist so they can help you in thought patterns. Moreover, help you in learning to cope up with stress and anxiety.

Family and relationship issue:-

Because of some reasons or workload, you come up with the issue with family and friends. And the reason which you had is not shareable. Therefore, you need another person to share your emotions. So, that in future you will not any problem with family and friends.

Improve yourself but you don’t know how to start:-

Like you want changes in your life and want to improve yourself but you don’t know how to start and from where to start. In this situation, you need a person who helps you to improve. Bring positive in you and remove all other negative thoughts. Therefore, a psychologist can help you in this situation. You can share all your plan and techniques that in which way you want changes in yourself.

Changes in sleep or appetite:-

Because of mental health problems, there are many changes were taking place in our body and the major will effect is in your sleep or appetite.

Dr. Friedman said that “An individual who is anxious or in a manic state may have sleeplessness, while someone who is severely depressed might sleep all the time”.

So, if you notice anything like that less or more in eating or sleeping, then on that time push yourself and take seriously this situation and make an appointment of Psychologist.

And there are many reasons that give us anxiety disorder, depression, serious depressive disorder, stress, etc and every individual suffers from a separate disordered or mental illness. Some of have the same or some of separate situations. But in the end, they need one person whom they can talk about their illness without any judgemental.

If you experience any of the following emotions or feelings to the extent that they interfere with life, therapy may help you reduce their effects. It’s especially important to consider getting help if you feel controlled by symptoms or if they could cause harm to yourself or others.

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