What are negative thoughts

What are negative thoughts with examples?

Our thoughts are the replications of ourselves and the general surroundings where we are. A lot of things are there which affects our thought like our perception, expectations, understanding and so on. Sometimes all these things come up with the result that we dive into negative thoughts only, and these have a severe effect on our mental health. When a person is dealing with negative thoughts, and they are not able to come out of them. There is a need to get in touch with online psychological counseling in India.

But before approaching any doctor for psychological counseling to get rid of negative thoughts, it is also essential to know what they are and what the examples of them are. Let’s explore the same.

What are negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts are basically the conditions where a person imagines themselves and their surroundings in a negative way. They come up with negative views, and their understanding destroys to an extent. There is a bad impact on behavior and health. Sometimes it leads to mental illness as well. When a person is thinking negatively, they got anxious and distressed all the time.

It is also essential to understand that thinking negatively and analysing your thoughts is entirely different, and there is a thin line making them different from each other. Well, it is quite normal to get worried about relationship issues and finance. But when the feeling starts to become prevalent, it becomes difficult for a person to come out of it, and at the time, they start thinking negatively.

Examples of negative thoughts:-

Mind reading:

Mind reading is quite common these days and one of the most prevalent negative thoughts. In this condition, we start to think about what the other person is thinking. Sometimes we end up with a negative mind reading only. We have a thought that they are ignoring us, and we never try to understand what the other person is going through. It is a damaging situation, and sometimes it has a major impact on our mental health.

Fortune telling:

Fortune telling is the condition where we have some automatic negative thinking. We predict the worst outcome which can take place. Whenever we start to focus on the situation, sometimes it gets to the extent that we never imagine positive thoughts. For example, if we have any job interview, we only think that the other person will not like us and they will not give us the opportunity. Sometimes keeping the same thought ruins a lot of things. Therefore it is important to be sure about whatever we are thinking and not focusing on all the negative thoughts.

Guilty thinking:

Guilty thinking is also one of the common examples of negative thought. Sometimes we dive into our past and think that we should or must have change the same. We all know the past cannot be changed. This reaches the state where we recall the mistakes that we have made. This has a major impact on emotional and mental health. Sometimes it leads to Physical trauma as well.


Well, we’re in the generation where sometimes we are not ready to accept what we have done. But when we are going through negative thoughts, we always blame ourselves for the things happening around us. This lets a person feels a failure, and they bring them down. This is a condition where a person tries to be perfect all the time, but unfortunately, things never worked in their favor.


Last but not least, the comparison is also a negative thought. Sometimes we try to compare ourselves with the people we see around. For example, if we are scrolling through social media, we try to imagine ourselves in those pictures and stories, but unfortunately, this is not the right way to do so. Sometimes remembering something which doesn’t suit our personality ruins us mentally.

So here we have come to an end and discuss the negative thoughts and examples. If you are going through any such problem, we suggest you do the enrollment on the Meri help. This is the online counseling portal and helps you to understand what you are going through. Do the enrollment immediately and be ready to follow the tips counselor suggests. Soon you will be able to notice changes in yourself.

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