Know about the stress

Know about the stress

Simple Life Simple Faith: How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Remember the last time when you met your friends and spent some gala time with them? Remember the last time you had a fun afternoon with your cousins? Remember when you last sat together with your family and played cards? If yes, then you are definitely on the right track and if not, then start thinking right now.

Most often we hear people saying that the childhood days contribute the most to the best memories in life, but do you know why? Back then it was a time when people were carefree and nonchalant and did things for themselves. However, in the pursuit of growing up and in the rat-race to compete and top the list, the child in ourselves got caged behind the bars of responsibilities, social norms, and work pressure.

Be it the burden of expectations or peer pressure, be it the societal taunts or the fear of lagging behind, everything has forced us to be conscious of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Today, most people are doing things or performing tasks not for themselves or because they are willing enough to do so, but rather as a medium to cater to the needs of the people around.

Agreed that the 9 to 5 job cycle is mandatory and essential to survive, but in ensuring the survival of the fittest, are we surviving enough?

  • Stress- A Necessary Evil

From getting up in the morning to going back to bed at night, stress has become a constant companion of ours. From students to working professionals, everyone is under stress most of the time. Meeting the deadlines, scheduling presentations, studying for exams, and whatnot, it leaves no opportunity for any to evade it.

But, the best part is that, that we have become as comfortably numb with stress as our friend that we do not realize when it overpowers us. And, this where we tend to go wrong. Most often these days, people lose their temper or tend to be harsher on themselves in the journey of reaching their set goals but seldom do they realize that it is what triggers stress as a malady.

Most of us have heard that excess of anything is bad, and with stress, too, it is no different. But then what is the way out? How do we know where we are moving towards a chronic illness? How do we manage or treat it? Fret not; read on to get answers to your questions.

  • Knowing Your Buddy – Stress

Stress is the body’s response to any alteration that needs alteration or reply. Always be aware of the 3Fs – fear, fight, and flight, and it is the stress that basically triggers us to choose amongst them and react to a situation. When working properly and efficiently, this mechanism is very essential for people’s survival and more so, as it boosts the focus, energy, alertness, and productivity. In an emergency, this mechanism automatically decides and works to protect and save one’s life, both externally and internally.

However, though the stress mechanism helps us meet challenges and sharpen our skills if one is constantly in this phase for long, it can lead to several health issues and chronic illnesses. When we are always stressed, our body’s metabolism functions differently.

So, sit back and reflect on whether or not you find yourself feeling frizzled frequently, or are you experiencing a sudden jolt of memory loss. If so, then it’s high time for you to take some action towards it, and normalize your systems and maintain the in-built equilibrium of the body.

  • Finding The Culprit Behind

We had a tet-a-tet with stress in the previous section but until we know what causes it, we won’t be able to tackle it. Is our lifestyle or should we blame the genes? Causes can both be external as well as internal, and so it becomes all the more important to understand about the culprit behind. Read on to find out the common causes below.

Common External Causes:

· Major life changes · Work or school
· Relationship difficulties · Financial problems
· Being too busy · Children and family

Common Internal Causes:

· Pessimism · Inability to accept uncertainty
· Rigid thinking, lack of flexibility · Negative self-talk
· Unrealistic expectations · All-or-nothing attitude
  • Getting To Know The Stress Symptoms:

A major concern cantering stress is that, just like a slow killer, it has the amazing ability to creep into your daily life and start consuming you from within. And so, it becomes imperative to know the symptoms and take action against it.

Cognitive Symptoms

· Memory problems · Inability to concentrate
· Poor judgment · Seeing only the negative
· Anxious or racing thoughts · Constant worrying

Emotional Symptoms

· Depression or general unhappiness · Anxiety and agitation
· Moodiness, irritability, or anger · Feeling overwhelmed
· Loneliness and isolation · Other mental or emotional health problems

Physical Symptoms

· Aches and pains · Diarrhea or constipation
· Nausea, dizziness · Chest pain, rapid heart rate
· Loss of sex drive · Frequent colds or flu

Behavioral Symptoms

· Eating more or less · Sleeping too much or too little
· Withdrawing from others · Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
· Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax · Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

These symptoms are not to make you paranoid but to make you aware. And so, if you have some of them, worry not, as Meri Help is there for you. Empanelled with numerous highly qualified doctors, psychologists, it is one of the best platforms to have a one-on-one conversation with them, seek guidance as well as consult for any medical issues too.

  • Are Your Unhealthy

Stress beyond a point can take the form of a chronic illness which is much difficult to deal with later stages. Not only this, stress doesn’t believe in coming alone but rather, brings in its allies who can damage your systems, even more, thus affecting your health, your lifestyle as well as your relations with people negatively.

<td”>· Autoimmune diseases

· Depression and anxiety · Pain of any kind
· Sleep problems
· Digestive problems · Skin conditions, such as eczema
· Heart disease · Weight problems
· Reproductive issues · Thinking and memory problems
  • Befriending Stress

Now that we are somewhat aware of what causes it, what are the symptoms, and what harm it can do to us, it is now the time to know ways and means to manage it. Undeniably, a person can never be completely stress-free and probably that’s why it’s often quoted as a necessary evil.

Below given are some common tips to befriend stress and manage it. However, it must be remembered that generic methods work only when one starts acting on the problem at early stages and/or may reduce it, not eradicate it.

<td “>· Exercise regularly

· Keep a positive attitude. · Accept that perfectionism is a flawed concept
· Get enough rest and sleep · Learn and practice relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or tai-chi.
· Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.
· Set realistic limits and goals · Make time for hobbies and interests.

These methods, though effective, can never substitute a doctor and thence, when uncomfortable, do not hesitate to visit the doctor – be it the psychiatrist or counselor,  psychologist, or even a certified life coach. However, though restricted indoor due to the coronavirus, our health should be our primordial focus and that’s exactly where Meri Help comes in. One of the few online consultation platforms, this amazing platform suggests you highly skilled and experienced impaneled doctors based on your symptoms or problems, consult them, and seek medical guidance. Besides, it also cost-effective and helps you contact the doctor without social stigma.

So let’s not admit what is distorted and flawed as the way we have to live. Let’s generate stress-free lives and show the world there is another way to live.

If you are feeling mental illness like stress, anxiety and depression so take online psychological counselling at Meri Help.

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