How Can Counseling Help In Depression?

How Can Counseling Help In Depression?

We say a person to be mentally depressed if he is feeling low for a considerable time. Feeling lonely and emotionally drained can have severe mental and physical implications. Depression affects your ability to do things decisively and enjoy life.

If you are feeling anxious, guilty, and worthless regularly, you are probably in depression and need depression counselling from an approved medical association.

Depression needs to be treated immediately, so you don’t lose your mental balance and become totally mad. It may have very serious repercussions and may take someone’s life.

We can attribute it because of multiple reasons like change of relationship status because of divorce or a breakup, loss of a job, loss in business, etc.

What are the side effects of depression?

Depression has a major impact on your body, mind, thoughts and mood.

  • A depressed person is usually tearful and becomes angry or over impulsive at small things. They usually lose interest in the things previously enjoyed by them and always react to the situation strangely.
  • It lacks self-confidence, motivation, enthusiasm and has low energy always.
  • Excess depression may also lead to loss of memory, and thus they may find it difficult to recognize their known people.
  • A person is said to be in depression when he loses his ability to think and take decisions.
  • Before discussing the treatment of depression, let’s give light on the depression.

In short, depression is the total breakdown of a person mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. It’s like rotten food that will poison your entire life.

Treatment of depression

Depression can be treated easily with various therapeutic courses available. The success rate and recovery time depend upon the ability and skill of the counsellor, Phycatratist, or mental health professional.

Medications termed as antidepressants are given to treat depression.

Apart from medication, various kinds of psychological therapies are available, which help in its long-term treatment. CBT, IPT and problem-solving therapy.

Treating depression with “talk therapy” is called counselling. We use it in moderate cases.

If they depress you over a length of time and the symptoms are severe, then you need to approach a psychiatrist who will treat you with a combination of medication and varied therapies. But if the symptoms are more recent and not so much severe then going for counselling services is the best option.

A counsellor is a medical practitioner with the utmost integrity and skills. The patients vest a lot of trust in them. The counselling services by Merihelp promise you to keep your trust and give you the desired result in very little time.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will not only treat the root cause of depression but also help you develop self-awareness and mental integrity for your entire life.

At this time of the pandemic, it is perilous to visit the clinic again and again for counselling sessions. But it is not worth it to delay the treatment. Depression is like a weed, which will slowly destroy the person and make him mentally dead.

What do the Counselors Of Merihelp do?

The first thing that comes to our mind hearing, mental counselling is a patient lying on a couch and a doctor making a note at his side. But this was true in old days. Now counselling develops with time and many methodologies and techniques attach to it to make it more effective and give results-oriented.

Merihelp has licensed mental health counsellors. It is a highly confidential process, and a counsellor is a person with high integrity and knowledge. He treats people with stress, anger, pain, grief or other emotional issues. He is a boon for people who just need someone safe to talk to.

Every person has a unique reason for depression, and everyone has a different story of his own. The reason behind depression determines its intensity, its side-effects and the course of treatment.

Now let’s discuss what makes the counsellors of Merihelp so effective and expert:

  • Counselling describe as a ‘talking cure’. When we can share our problems with a trusted and unbiased person, we feel more relaxed.
  • As the counsellors fully focussed on the patient, he feels more secure. He listens to all his stories and problem in a non-judgemental way with loads of warmth and understanding. This makes the patient feel better.
  • Continuous and healthy discussions may bring into light hidden issues and feelings unnoticed over a while. Small things can also lead to big grievances and depression.
  • Depression is partly, to quote Claire Weekes, “the tired thoughts of a tired mind.” The counsellor makes efforts to tear out this blanket of tiredness and inculcate zeal and vigour into life. Thus, the counselling aids in lightning new desires in the patient’s mind and makes him livelier.
  • The first thing the counsellor does is to find out what triggers depression. What is the reason for such behaviour and which instances affect the patient the most? Until you know the root cause of the problem and what causes most of the panic attacks depression cannot be treated altogether.
  • If the cause of depression is a past incident, the counsellor will help you come out of it. You learn how to delete and forgo that person and incident forever. Thus, when you overcome the poor memories, the depression itself releases too.
  • Sometimes patients trap in anger. The counsellor teaches how to manage anger and how should one react at the time of panic. The patient learns to have self-control and ways to achievement of more patience and coolness in mind.
  • If the depression is because of a bad childhood memory, the counsellor has to work more to lighten the bad imprints it has on the heart and mind of the patient.
  • With his talks and supportive nature, the counsellor comforts the patients and gets them to relieve from the fierce nightmare of childhood. An experienced and friendly counsellor can only resolve the devastating issues wrapped in the past.
  • Counsellors help you imbibe a healthy lifestyle. They teach you various techniques to create a balance of mind and generate self-confidence and awareness. They also teach you meditation and various ways of a mental awakening.
  • These techniques and tricks make you mentally strong and remove depression from the mind, making you happy and healthy inside and out.
  • Every dream says something, and you ought to listen to this carefully. Dreams are signals from the sub-conscious mind pointing towards important aspects of your present life. Dreams are studied by counsellors to find out ways to train the mind and emotions of the patient.
  • At the end of therapy, a deep bond establishes between the counsellor and the patient. The patient will well verse in all the techniques. He knows that there is someone who knows him, understands him, and is always there for his support.

Merihelp is an enormous online platform with many solutions for all your problems. All you have to do is:

1.Select the problem or service you want to be addressed.

2. Then select the counsellor you feel satisfied with from the panel of counsellors.

3. Our counsellors will provide you with their expert service and guidance.

4. You will surely come out of your problems and will live a happy and free life ahead.

Our counsellors provide your counselling by all means and there to help you by hook or by crook. You can have:

  • Voice call many times you want and discuss all your issues and experiences in therapy.
  • Video call when you or your counsellor feel the need to see each other. It enables us to sense the results and outcomes of these sessions more accurately when you can see the patient.
  • Also, the patient feels more satisfied and boosted when he can see the counsellor and his consoling expressions.
  • Regular Chats and messages are very helpful in maintaining contact and connection so that one update every time and able to provide counselling continuously and whenever needed. This makes treatment more effective, and you get the desired outcomes more early.

We Merihelp try to put our 100% efforts to help the depressed come out and start enjoying life and start doing something meaningful and productive.

We have online counsellors who will take regular sessions online to help you come out of your pain and stress. Say bye to all the mental illness, fears and anxiety and contact us to take online medical counselling at Merihelp.

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